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Bryan W. Wolford is YOUR Mid-Mo Lawyer. He passionately and vigorously represents clients in the Mid-Missouri counties of Moniteau, Miller, Morgan, Cole, Cooper, and Pettis including the cities of California, Tipton, Eldon, Tuscumbia, Versailles, Sedalia, Boonville, and Jefferson City. At the Law Offices of Bryan W. Wolford, we are your partner, your trusted adviser, and your advocate in bringing your legal issue to a remedy.

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The law surrounds nearly every aspect of our daily lives. It provides us with do’s and do not’s; allows a person who has been wronged to seek remedy; increases public safety; allows us to transfer land and property; and allows us to enter into agreements where the parties’ rights and obligations can be enforced. Many of these legal issues require the expertise and skill of a person trained in the law – a Lawyer.

A Lawyer is a licensed professional who advises, counsels, assists, and represents other people in legal matters. A Lawyer may negotiate agreements on behalf of his client, appear in court in a criminal or civil case, draft contracts, draft wills and plan estates, and render candid and confidential advice. Lawyers must receive a license to practice from the state supreme court. At a minimum, a Lawyer must possess a four-year bachelor’s degree, graduate from a three-year law school accredited by the American Bar Association, pass the state bar examination, pass a multi-state ethics and professional responsibility exam, pass a rigorous background and character and fitness investigation, and take an oath to uphold the laws and the state and federal constitutions. 

The American Bar Association suggests that a person should consult a lawyer about major life-changing events such as:

- being arrested for a crime or served with legal papers in a civil suit;

- being involved in a serious accident causing personal injury or property damage;

- a change in family status such as divorce, adoption, or death;

- a change in financial status such as getting or losing valuable personal property or real estate, or filing bankruptcy.

However, not all issues require the skills and expertise of a lawyer. Some issues may be better handled by another licensed professional such as a doctor, mental health professional, social worker, or clergy. For other issues, the person may choose to represent himself or herself. 

If you decide to seek the assistance of a Lawyer for your legal issues, rights, and obligations, please contact our office to schedule an appointment for your personal and confidential consultation.

The Law Offices of Bryan W. Wolford
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